About Practical Marketer

People always wonder how big companies seem to bounce back so easily after a crisis, or penetrate new markets with little to no effort. Yes, big budgets play a role, but it's not all about the money. Actually, knowing where and why to invest your marketing budget is much more important than the amount.

The reason big businesses succeed is that they have someone like me showing them the way. Let me help you level the playing field.

This blog is a collection of marketing best practices. As you read, keep these three simple rules in mind:

  • Done is way better than perfect.
  • Testing is a huge part of the process.
  • Getting started is the biggest step.

About Tamara Ceman

Hi there! Welcome to my head.

I'm Tamara, a senior marketer on a mission to make good marketing attainable for everyone, regardless of your budget, company size, industry, or niche.

My marketing adventure started with freelance copywriting gigs, writing snappy text for ads, websites, and gallery openings (go figure). Since then, for the last lucky 13 years, I've worked as an in-house marketer and a consultant, and have handled budgets of all sizes, from pocket money to seven digits.

In my previous position as the Head of Marketing at Uscreen, I've helped achieve growth of 1120% which landed us on the 437th spot on the Inc.5000 list. Now, I want to share all that knowledge with you, and teach you how you, too, can achieve great results.

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